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Entrant List for Men's Seniors Open

128 players have been signed up for this competition as of 6:07 PM Monday 4th March

Daniel Abrahams (Maylands Golf Club)
Victor Abrahams (Maylands Golf Club)
Iain Allan (Peterborough Milton)
Colin Aves (Bury St Edmunds)
Robert Barnard (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Derrick Batch (Bury St Edmunds)
Roy Bennett (Gedney Hill)
Ian BENSON (Seckford)
Steve Binks (Bedford & County)
Dave Blackmore (Colchester Golf Club)
Richard Bond (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Nick Bonney (Bury St Edmunds)
Robert Bonney (Bury St Edmunds)
Laurence Brett (Girton Golf Club)
Ken Brewer (John O'Gaunt)
Nicholas Brewer (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Richard Bunn (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Tony Burnham (Benton Hall Golf & Country Club)
Graham Butterworth (Manor of Groves Hotel and Health Club)
Martin Byford (Bury St Edmunds)
Tony Carman (Stoke by Nayland)
Andy Chilton (Woodford)
John Chilton (Mundesley)
Trevor Chinery (Spalding Golf Club)
Nick Clarke (Haverhill)
Dale Cole (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Jim Cole (Bury St Edmunds)
Peter Collins (Eaton Golf Club)
Steve Coultas (Burghley Park)
Doug Cummings (Bedford & County)
Ian Curle (Chart Hills Golf Club)
BARRY DAVIES (Manor of Groves Hotel and Health Club)
Roger Davies (Stoke by Nayland)
Richard Dean (St Neots)
Jim Dobson (Spalding Golf Club)
James Dougal (Nene Park)
Phil Ecuyer (Gedney Hill)
Andrew Philip Edwards (Stoke Rochford)
David Edwards (The Millbrook)
Richard Edwards (Spalding Golf Club)
Bill Eke (Colchester Golf Club)
Kevin Elkins (Manor of Groves Hotel and Health Club)
JOHN DAVID ELSOM (The Rayleigh Club Golf Club)
Tony English (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Rob Garrad (Cambridge Country Club)
Gerry Gentle (Letchworth)
Peter Gill (Stoke Rochford)
Paul Goddard (Bedfordshire)
Andrew Gooch (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Barry Hall (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Harvey Harrison (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
John Hartley (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
John Harvey (Mid Herts)
Barry Hircock (Gedney Hill)
Simon Howe (Bury St Edmunds)
Keith Howlett (John O'Gaunt)
Dean Hughes (Colchester Golf Club)
Michael Hunter (Hainault Forest)
John Hyde (Chesfield Downs)
Jed Isbell (John O'Gaunt)
David Ives (Bury St Edmunds)
Colin Jacques (Gedney Hill)
John James (Manor of Groves Hotel and Health Club)
Paul Jobson (Girton Golf Club)
Mark Johnson (Burghley Park)
James Jones (The Millbrook)
Kevin T Jones (Stoke by Nayland)
Ian Kane (Chesfield Downs)
Steve Knight (Peterborough Milton)
Dennis Lea (Brampton Park)
Mike Lenton (Orsett)
Neil Littlewood (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Mark LOADES (The Rayleigh Club Golf Club)
Steve Luckman (Cambridge Country Club)
Ian Maddison (John O'Gaunt)
David Marshall (Eaton Golf Club)
Glenn Miller (Pavenham Park Golf Club)
Barry Newbery (Orsett)
Tony Noakes (Hainault Forest)
Philip Oakey (Bowood Hotel Spa & Golf Resort)
Pete Orbine (Gedney Hill)
Paul Owers (Cambridge Country Club)
Kevan Parker (Pavenham Park Golf Club)
T A (Mo) Parling (Gedney Hill)
John Paterson (Bedfordshire)
Andy Pestell (Benton Hall Golf & Country Club)
Adrian Pitts (Bury St Edmunds)
Carol Plume (Gedney Hill)
Nigel Potter (Haverhill)
Colin Pottle (Stoke by Nayland)
Mark Powell (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Kevin Price (Stoke by Nayland)
Robert Price (Pavenham Park Golf Club)
michael prince (Brampton Park)
Stewart Proud (Stevenage Golf Club)
Jeff Purdy (Stoke Rochford)
Phil Rank (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Brian Richardson (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Stephen Riley (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Nigel Robinson (Pavenham Park Golf Club)
Tim Rogers (Colchester Golf Club)
Tom Rothery (Colchester Golf Club)
John Rowe (Manor of Groves Hotel and Health Club)
Robert Sampson (Spalding Golf Club)
Neil Sargeant (Gedney Hill)
John Scott (Orsett)
John Shiver (St Neots)
Malcolm Simmons (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Mark Simons (Colchester Golf Club)
Ian Simpson (John O'Gaunt)
Tim Sims (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Gary Skerritt (Stoke Rochford)
David SMITH (Elton Furze)
Matt Speight (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Paul Stanton (Cambridge Country Club)
John Taylor (St Ives (Hunts))
Steven Tree (Stoke by Nayland)
Martin Twigg (Manor of Groves Hotel and Health Club)
Graham Vandervord (Stoke by Nayland)
Trevor Warman (Orsett)
Trevor John Warren (Stoke by Nayland)
Michael Watts-Jimenez (Canons Brook)
Michael Webley (Stoke by Nayland)
Tim Weston (Royal Norwich Golf Club)
Tony Whittaker (John O'Gaunt)
Owen Williams (Bawburgh Golf Club)
Ken Wing (Chesfield Downs)
John Wood (Clacton-On-Sea)

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