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Entrant List for Mixed Open

68 players have been signed up for this competition as of 6:55 PM Monday 4th March

Deby ADKINS (Stock Brook)
Steve Adkins (Stock Brook)
Diane Aloia (Brampton Park)
Carol ANNETTS (Stock Brook)
Collin Broadhurst (Stoke by Nayland)
Julie CARPENTER (Dunston Hall)
Will Carpenter (Dunston Hall)
Julia Chew (Upminster)
Kok Seong Chew (Chigwell)
Dave Claxton (Ipswich)
Jane Cooper (John O'Gaunt)
James Cullingworth (24.7)
Susan Dennis (Brampton Park)
Noelle Fung (Windlesham)
Michelle Gardner (Brookmans Park Golf Club)
Christopher Hale (Braintree)
Valerie Hale (Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre)
Elaine Harris (Stoke by Nayland)
John Hartley (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Penny Hartley (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Christopher Hawson (The Springs)
Penny Hawson (The Springs)
Andy Howarth (Ipswich)
Michele Howarth (Ipswich)
Michael Hunt (Ipswich)
Vicki Hunt (Ipswich)
Peter Kent (Dartford)
Sharon Kent (Dartford)
Pam Lammiman (Brampton Park)
Vin Lammiman (Brampton Park)
Karen Last (Halesworth)
Tanya Leonard ()
Anesha Marshall (Cambridge Meridian Golf Club)
Richard Marshall (Cambridge Meridian Golf Club)
Alison Martin (Ipswich)
Lindsey Matthews (Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre)
Patrick Matthews (Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre)
Michael Newstead (John O'Gaunt)
Chris O'Connell (Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre)
Denis O'Connell (Bury St Edmunds)
Helen O'Connell (Bury St Edmunds)
Jacqueline O'Connell (Rivenhall Oaks Golf Centre)
John Paterson (Bedfordshire)
Carol Pennington (Bedfordshire)
Alan Phillips (Brampton Park)
Lionel (Bobby) Platts (Thorpe Hall)
Colin Pottle (Stoke by Nayland)
Jill POTTLE (Stoke by Nayland)
Kathryn de Ridder (Kingsway Golf Centre)
Kathryn de Ridder (Kingsway Golf Centre)
Clive Seward (Halesworth)
judith sharpe (Kingsway Golf Centre)
Richard Sharpe (Kingsway Golf Centre)
Becky Silvester (Redditch)
Bob Silvester (Redditch)
Colin P Smith (Bury St Edmunds)
Paul Smith (Brampton Park)
Theresa Smith (Bury St Edmunds)
Andy Stepney (Belton Park)
Joy Stepney (Belton Park)
Jane Stevens (Brampton Park)
Paul Stevens (Brampton Park)
james thomson (iGolf Club)
Stephen Webb (Windlesham)
Kevin Wright (Braintree)
Rosanna Wright (Braintree)
Anthony Young (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))
Susan Young (Links Golf Club (Newmarket))

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